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Ultimate Anodise started in 2009 with a promise to serve the marine industry with the best high-quality anodizing, provide the utmost customer service and offer the ultimate value-added anodic coating to customer’s projects.
We have since been growing steadily, while serving an expanding variety of sectors, ranging from healthcare, defence, aerospace, automotive industries and more.
Our fast, reliable, and high-quality anodizing service has gained the trust from our most important asset- our customers. We work closely with each to provide a flexible production approach to meet the required time schedule. Our success comes from that strict quality and response time.

Ultimate Anodise

Aluminium Anodising is the electrochemical process of which aluminium is converted into a structured aluminium oxide on the surface of a part. This anodic oxidation process transforms the metal surface into a dense and very hard oxide layer, which is firmly bonded to the base material. This layer is highly homogeneous and is molecularly connected to the base material, which results in exceptional properties of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and extreme durability.
During the anodising process, several controls are critical to ensure the specified film thickness, hardness, density and abrasion resistance. These controls include a precise combination of temperature ,chemical concentration, proprietary catalysts and current density. In the production of quality anodised products, there is no alternative to having sophisticated processing and monitoring equipment.

Anodized products have an extremely long-life span and offer significant economic advantages through maintenance and operating savings.
Anodizing is a reacted finish that is integrated/penetrated with the underlying aluminium for total bonding and unmatched adhesion.
Niche products
If you have niche products or components that require extra attention to detail, we have the knowledge and commitment to deliver the best solution possible.
Immersion baths are an essential component of the anodising plant. Wastewater treatment has been part of our production facility from the outset. Wastewaters are filtered and neutralized On the other hand, the anodic layer or remains 100% aluminium, so the full recyclability of the aluminium is not compromised.
We are committed to providing the highest quality finishes in order to meet our client’s expectations as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Lasting protection and exceptional durability of Hard Anodizing

Hard anodizing (Type III) is used for workpieces that are subject to heavy use and extreme operational and weather conditions. The Hard-Anodic layer offers a superior corrosion protection and wear resistance in extreme conditions. Hard Anodise is also an excellent electrical insulator and temperature resistant.

Anodizing Fields of Application


  • Automotive
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical
  • Marine
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
Magnesium Alloys are characterised by light weight, high durability, and high ability to extinguish energy of blow and vibration fluctuations. This high strength-to-weight ratio of magnesium alloys is usually a prime reason for using these materials in engineering designs. But with all these positive qualities, it has a low corrosion resistance, anodizing as a protective coating will significantly enhance the durability and corrosion resistance.

Anodizing of Magnesium Alloy

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